How Water Benefits Your Teeth

We all know that brushing our teeth two times a day and flossing once a day is pretty much prescribed by every dentist out there. But what else can we do to keep our dental health top notch?

Well, as simple as it may seem, drinking water is up there as the best things you can do.

Keeps your mouth hydrated.

Water is essential for our bodies (something everyone knows). I mean, water makes up more than half of our bodies, so that is sort of an indicator as to why we need it so much.

But water also helps to fight dry mouth. If your mouth is dry, your teeth risk erosion simply because saliva flow is low, which means your mouth won’t be as healthy and active in killing and washing away harmful bacteria.

Increases saliva flow.

Because water keeps your mouth hydrated, it allows your salivary glands to work better. And everyone knows that saliva is a natural cleaning agent that helps protect your teeth and cleanse your mouth of food particles that could cause dental problems.

Typically has fluoride.

Fluoride is known as a natural cleanser and fortifier for your teeth. It’s what resides in almost every kind of toothpaste and is the reason we brush our teeth in the first place. Not only does it wash away food residue, fluoride is known to help build up any lost enamel in your teeth. This allows your teeth to stay on top of the constant tug of war with bacteria. There’s essentially a balance between having healthy teeth and developing cavities. So long as the fluoride is constant and food is warded away after eating, your teeth are on the winning end!

It can clean your teeth.

Water also helps to wash residue away, just like saliva does. So, any food particles that somehow escape your twice a day brushing routine (which you should be sticking to!) are taken care of by water washing it away. By drinking water, you not only hydrate your body but also flood out your mouth so that residue doesn’t eat at your enamel.

It’s healthy and calorie free!

I mean, isn’t this one of the biggest benefits of water? Drinking water is absolutely essential for your body in the first place, but it’s also healthy in that there are no calories, sugars, or anything else that can harm your dental health or overall diet.