We have created this blog to encourage oral health because by taking care of your mouth, teeth, and your gums, you’ll be able to prevent bad breath, gum disease, and tooth decay, and you’ll have teeth when you’re older. But, did you know that your mouth health can prevent other disorders in the body? If you have an unhealthy mouth, it can cause health issues, including heart attacks, strokes, and possibly even bad diabetes and preterm labor. This is good because if you already take care of your teeth, you’ll have fewer issues later on.

Whatever is in your mouth can actually tell you a lot about your body. There are many conditions that have oral symptoms and signs. Your mouth is essentially a window into what the rest of the body is doing, and it is a vantage point that can be used for signs and symptoms of systemic disease, and it can tell you if there are issues in the area as a whole. AIDS, diabetes and the like can be told with this, and almost 90 percent of systemic diseases also have oral signs and symptoms.

Your doctor can collect and test the saliva in order to find out a lot of substances. I know that cortisol levels within saliva can tell you about stress responses. Some fragments of bone proteins also may be good for monitoring the loss of bone in older people due to osteoporosis. Certain cancer markers are also detectable in saliva.

Saliva testing can also tell you of drugs, toxins, hormones, and even antibodies. They can help find out many issues, and in many cases, it can monitor various diseases including diabetes, Parkinson’s, cirrhosis, and even infectious diseases.

Saliva also does disable the bacteria and viruses, and it’s many of the mainline defenses against organisms and other viruses and bacteria. It does have some antibodies that attack the pathogens virally, such as colds and HIV. It also contains histatins, and it inhibits the growth of candida.

Saliva also can tell you about things, but the plaque is also the cause of some other common conditions. Diabetes, for example, you will develop gum disease. Chronic gum disease may be hard to control since it causes insulin resistance and disrupts the blood sugar control.

Cardiovascular disease is another issue. Oral inflammation because of bacteria may play issues in arteries that are clogged, and blood clots. Bacteria in the mouth can cause inflammation through the body, and it may be a baseline for the development of plaques in the arteries, and in turn, it can increase your risk of stroke and heart attack. Some research may even say that those with gum disease may be at bigger risk for stroke and such.

If you don’t already check, do make sure that you get the testing that you need in order to ensure healthy activities. You should also make sure that you start t put in good habits such as brushing and flossing in order to be healthy.